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  We are somewhat unique in our approach to system design. Before developing automation solutions for our customers, we take the time to develop a clear understanding of the productivity challenges facing our customers, including productivity improvements, growth expectations, product line flexibility needs, and plant personnel skill levels. We do this to assure that our solutions incorporate the most appropriate technology for each customer.

Once the needs are understood, our staff of seasoned mechanical and electrical engineers begin the development process using a combination of mechanical, servo and robotic technology. When the build cycle is complete, we begin a comprehensive debugging process to assure that system performance meets or exceeds customer specifications. Each solution is then seamlessly integrated into our customer’s production facility to achieve and maximize the desired results.

We believe your needs are unique.

The field of packaging automation is a very unique and customized arena. Standardized solutions often fall short of optimizing productivity due to inherent design limitations. At Packaging Automation Corporation, we start with the development of a clear understanding of your needs and then focus all resources on designing and building custom systems that meet or exceed your requirements. We utilize time-proven components to assure our solutions are as durable as they are efficient.



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