Packaging Automation Corporation designs and builds robotic palletizing/depalletizing systems to meet the most demanding requirements of our customers. These systems are engineered for precision high-speed/high payload operation. We design and build a wide array of end-effectors to handle virtually any product, including bags, cartons, trays, cases, totes, bundles, pails, pallets and sheets.

Our proven designs come with guaranteed handling rates, giving you confidence that your productivity and efficiency targets will be met. Unless otherwise specified, we utilize two or four axis FANUC robotic arms in our systems due to their overall flexibility, user-friendly set-up, reliability and extensive service and parts network. All of our systems are designed for quick changeovers. Benefits include:

  • Up to 20 cycles per minute case palletizing at 100 kg
  • Up to 27 cycles per minute bag palletizing at 100 kg
  • Small footprint reduces floor space
  • Four-axis dexterity enables access to multiple production lines with one unit
  • Ability to operate in environments ranging from traditional to harsh
  • Repeatability of 0.5 mm at full speed and full payload within entire work envelope
  • Easy connections to a variety of I/O including a number of distributed I/O networks
  • Web-based software tools for remote connectivity, diagnostics and production monitoring
  • Small footprint and integrated controller reduces required floor space
  • Ability to service multiple production lines with large working envelope
  • Able to operate in environments ranging from harsh to traditional factory floor


Palletizing Video #1


Salt Block Palletizing Video


Tote Palletizing Video


Design Simulation Video