Packaging Automation Corporation has been a key supplier of conveyor systems for over 30 years, developing a solid reputation for quality and reliability. Our services include system design, layout, development, integration, installation, training, technical support and troubleshooting. We design and manufacture a wide variety of conveyor systems to meet the demanding requirements of our customers including:
  • Table top conveyors
  • Mat top conveyors
  • Carton elevators
  • Spiral conveyors
  • Case conveyors (speeds up to 300 FPM)
  • Sortation systems (speeds up to 500 feet/minute. 100CPM)
  • Accumulation systems (FILO and FIFO., vertical and horizontal)
  • Combiners 
  • Singlefilers 
  • Gripper elevators and lowerators


Conveyor/depalletizing Video for Windows Media player