Packaging Automation Corporation designs and builds vertical or horizontal loading systems designed to place a variety of packaged product directly into cases, trays, crates and other types of secondary containers. These systems are designed to load and unload systems for the food, beverage, healthcare, pharmaceutical and durable goods industries and can be integrated into the production operation to provide multiple secondary functions including:
  • Product inspection
  • Product settling
  • Product handling
  • Sorting and distribution
  • Case inspection
  • Case coding and printing
  • Stretch-wrapping

All systems have the advantage of having very small footprints, quick changeovers, simple intuitive controls and 24/7 reliability. Products of different pack styles including die fold packs, pillow packs, pouches, carton packs and more can be packed on edge, flat, or standing in multiple layers and rows into cartons and trays. These systems can support flexible packaging in almost any product area with high production volumes.


Case Tray Packing Video #1 for Windows Media player

Case Tray Packing Video #2 for Windows Media player