When you hear
  "Automated Bag Palletizing"
       do you think:

   • I'm not big enough
   • I don't have enough space
   • It's too much money

These are the three big concerns we hear from people in the industry. While these are all valid concerns most of the time they are misconceptions people have of automated bag palletizing.

Not big enough -   This one we hear the most. Most people think that because they are a family owned or small plant that they donít have the volume to justify automation. Most of the systems we do are for small/medium size companies. We have put systems in plants with 1 shift and only a handful of employees packaging under 8 bags a minute. Packaging Automation Corp solutions are capable of handling up to 27 bags per minute.

The major issues our small and medium size clients have are finding labor and providing a safe working environment. Tossing around 50+ pound bags is tough work and many companies find it hard to find and keep this labor, not to mention the risk of workerís comp claims. Automation solves the searching, training and workerís comp issues our clients face. For larger companies and plants these benefits are amplified.

Not enough space -   This one we hear often and one we have little control over. Most of our clients are not building new plants with lots of open space. Many have older facilities and have tucked their palletizing operations into tight spaces. Packaging Automation has become very creative and adept at fitting our systems into these tight spaces. We have the ability to fit a system in as little as 12í x 12í area. Most systems are in the 20í x 16í area. This all depends on the rates, number of products run at a time, etc. The important thing to remember is that most people think automation takes more space than it does. Let us show you how well automation can utilize the space you have.

Too much money -   This one many people donít even get to because of the issues above. If you donít think you have the space or arenít big enough, then money doesnít enter the picture. You already dismissed the thought of automation. Once you realize that you do have enough volume and enough space to fit automation, money becomes the next hurdle.

The biggest reflection of cost is rate of return or ROI (return on investment). How fast does a system pay for itself and start making a positive contribution to the bottom line? One system we have handles the job of two workers and had an ROI of less than 18 months. Weíve had systems with less than 1 year payback. Most are in the 14-24 month payback strictly based on labor. If you add increased productivity and reduction of risk (workerís comp claims) the payback can be extremely attractive.

Another point of cost that many are concerned about is maintainability. The majority of our clients donít have a large staff and most donít have maintenance people. The durability and longevity of the system is critical. Packaging Automation is very proud of our systems and the track record weíve had over the years. We offer a 2 year warranty on our systems. As an authorized FANUC integrator, our clients get the #1 bag palletizing robot in North America. With the best software package, uptime and customer support in the industry. Our clients can feel confident that the investment they make will be running accurately on a consistent basis.

So, regardless of whether you think youíre not big enough, donít have the space or the money visit www.pacus.com and contact Packaging Automation Corp. Youíll be pleased to find that a reliable, durable, fast, compact and cost effective palletizing solution is achievable.

Next time you hear "Automated Bag Palletizing" think:

   • Increase Productivity
   • Decrease Risk
   • Lower the Bottom Line and Increase Profits